Enhanced Human World Champs

The Enhanced Human World Champs are coming to New York next year and I’m wondering if it is going to change everything. Whilst the glamour sports of the Olympics like gymnastics will continue to draw a crowd, things are going to change dramatically for athletics in particular.

It started with the military with HULC as per the video above and with products from New Zealand from companies like Rex Bionics, which was of course about helping disabled people, but the obvious thought was “If disabled people can move and compete with able bodied people, what could strong and fit people do?”

The rest as they say is history, now we have people running the Super Marathon (126.6km) in under 4 hours. The question is whether people will continue to support the traditional sports or will just consider them as boring in future? The irony is that whilst much of this technology was developed for military use, most of the things that humans would have done in these exoskeletons are now done by robots.