About The Future Diaries

This project started back in 2012 when a John Carter movie merchandise pack arrived mysteriously on my doorstep. I haven’t kept a diary since my desperate teens when I was trying to find myself and after reading Baba Ram Das, found that I didn’t need to because I was already there right then, and of course now I’m really here right now.

Things have changed since then, some things for better some things for worse. If you’re reading this, then I guess WordPress is still around, or someone has converted it for you. Anyway, this is my life and some of my thoughts. You may find it interesting, or not.

Some people’s names have changed to protect both their privacy and to protect them from those deja vu feelings. They might not want to know what is going to happen to them until it does. Like who wants to know that they got a narrow shave with death from the bird flu pandemic of 2019? In case you haven’t worked it out yet, this blog is a work of fiction.

Feel free to comment. You can connect with me via XeeMe which is still around.

I am a futurist, songwriter and Managing Director of SoLoMo Consulting (a social, location based marketing and mobility consultancy), which you can find out more about here and had a  blog back in 2013 which you also may find of interest. In recent years I’ve been trying to provoke discussion about the place and responsibility that we have in creating a transportation system that works. After all it’s our world and we decide when and where to work and how we get there. I’d much rather we made the right decisions than have change imposed on us. Did I mention I’m an idealist.

This blog is in part inspired by The Onion and other publications that use humor to provoke thinking that makes the world a better place.


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