My Auckland Commute to Work

Do you ever think back to how things used to be? Auckland motorways used to be known as the car park. My commute on the North Shore is so easy these days, thanks to the awesome travel information we have at our fingertips and some awesome transport planning by Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency.

Britomart Station“You have no scheduled appointments today”, the display on my mobile says. “Are you going to work?”

I speak to it: “Yes. Audio on.”

“Travel time via the motorway is 67 minutes. Travel time via Public Transport is 23 minutes if you leave now.”

“Travel time in 30 minutes?”

“Estimated travel time in 30 minutes via motorway is 82 minutes or 27 minutes via Public Transport. Would you like me to book a car park at the Long Bay satellite Park & Ride?”

“Yes, please.”

“Your car park at Long Bay Beach Park & Ride is number 118.”

As I get into my car, it says “Mobile connected, confirm navigate to Park 118 at Long Bay Beach.”

“Yes, confirmed.”

“Turn right in 200 meters car park is on the right……You have arrived. Buses to the Albany train station are available every 5 minutes.”

“The next train is full, another train is arriving in 5 minutes, seat 15A reserved, use your Hop Card for a free coffee while you wait. Confirm flat white no sugar.”

“You have 3 VIP emails. Read?”

“Yes, audio off.”

I smile as the train races past the cars on the motorway, still a little impressed that it is flowing as well as it is given that Auckland’s population has increased by 250,000 in the last 4 years.


12 comments on “My Auckland Commute to Work

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  2. Hi Luigi,
    that sounds like an awesome improvement to being stuck on the motorway.
    The ‘mobile phone communication’ seems like science fiction to me. I still have an ‘old style mobile. Does your phone do all that? Wow!

    Thanks for sharing this.

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  4. Awesome.
    — DONE. Great Mission … Great Commission @godsent247 (e)GODSENT247 #EALeader #EmpireAvenue

    Thank YOU Luigi Cappel (e)BLUESBRO
    🙂 … Appreciate You 🙂 Well Done. #FF #EALeader #FulfillingTheNeed #FulfillingPurpose — (e)GODSENT247 You
    — (e)GODSPEED

    Rewarded for being social with @godsent247 (e)GODSENT247 on Empire Avenue #EmpireAvenue

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